Liquid concentrated growth stimulator named “AugiMAX” is a unique bioactive product with a broad spectrum of uses. The product is certified for use in organic and conventional agriculture. “AugiMAX” demonstrates excellent results when used in organic agriculture. The results are confirmed by various research studies as well as by customer feedback.

AugiMAX” used in conventional agriculture increases the absorption of chemical fertilisers, meaning that 30% less of chemical fertiliser is needed, so farmers can save money and improve the quality of their production.

Practice shows that “AugiMAX”:

  • provides nutrients for plants in the initial stages of their development, stimulates the growth of plants
  • helps plants absorb nutrients, macro and microelements, vitamins, carbohydrates.
  • improves biometric elements of plant yield structure and maximises harvest
  • strengthens the immune system of plants. Helps plants protect themselves against pests and diseases.
  • can be used in conventional agriculture when spraying plants or treating seeds, allowing to decrease the use of pesticides by 30%.
  • protects plants from stress, cold, drought and excess water
  • helps plants prepare for winter and facilitates better wintering of plants
  • is environmentally friendly, creates conditions for growing healthy food and feed.
  • helps save money because less chemical fertilisers and pesticides are needed or they are not needed at all.
  • enriches soil with nutrients, speeds up the mineralisation of organic waste, enhances the recovery of exhausted soils.


Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K): not less than 4 g/l

Humus: not less than 3 g/l

Microelements: Fe, Zn, Mg, Mn, Mo, B, Cu


For fertilising through soil and roots – dilute with water 1:100

For fertilising through leaves – dilute with water 1:100

For indoor plants through leaves – dilute with water 1:100

For the recovery of exhausted soils – 4-5 litres of concentrated product per 1 hectare

Lightly shake or mix before use

Prepared fertiliser remains physiologically active for limited time, so it should be used within 48 hours.


For fertilising garden plants: 1 time each 10 days

For watering greenhouse plants: 1 time each 7 days

For watering indoor plants: 1 time each 15 days

For keeping fresh cut plants

For watering lawns: 1 time per month

For soaking seeds or bulbs before sowing or planting: bulbs – 1 hour; seeds of legumes – 6 hours; seeds of radish or lettuce – 12 hours; seeds of carrots, cucumbers, pumpkins – 24 hours.

For better rooting and survival of bushes and trees after re-planting: water 1-2 times per week

For fertilising perennial plants: 2 times per month

For soil preparation: spraying – 4-5 litres of concentrated product per 1 hectare (may be mixed with all chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides)


Store apart from food products. Keep out of reach of children. Storage temperature from -3 to +35°C. Frozen product preserves all the useful qualities. Organic residue may form. Protect from direct sunlight.

Concentrated product can be stored up to 3 years.