Natural biohumus - vermicompost

 Earthworm processed cattle manure
Organic soil conditioner

Biohumus has high porosity, perfect aeration, good drainage properties and a large water holding capacity. Biohumus contains C, N; Ca; P; K and Fe, Cu, Mg, Mn, Na, S, Zn and other elements.
       Most of these elements have been altered in forms, such as nitrates, exchange phosphor, mobile potassium, calcium and magnesium compounds, which are better assimilated by plants. Biohumus has a large absorbent surface, which allows many microorganisms to settle in pores and carry out their activities. What is more, biohumus is characterized by strong adsorption and nutrient preservation. Biohumus usually has almost neutral pH, conducive to the production of CO2 and organic acids generated during the microbial activity. Biohumus moisture content is reduced gradually; the final product moisture content is between 45% and 60%, which is considered to be ideal moisture content for the compost used to fertilize the soil. Growth promoters in biohumus are of acidic origin (organic, amino acids, amines), and alkaline hydrolysis products (humic substances). Biohumus contains not only balanced levels of the substances necessary for the growth of all plants but also nutrients, such as enzymes and antibiotics, produced by earthworms and the cohabiting microorganism complex. The essential differences, distincting biohumus from the usual compost are the absence of pathogens and their origins and two-fold reduction of weed seed germination levels.                                 
           Field and laboratory tests on biohumus have revealed that biohumus increases the harvest of beets, carrots and cabbage (extra yield 66%) as well as the harvest of lettuce and radish (extra yield 96%). In addition, biohumus contributes to the crop quality improvement (vitamin C content increased by 12-120%, sugar content increased by 12-39%, dry matter content increased by 5-18%).
       Active substances in biohumus accelerate and promote blooming, have a positive effect on formation of buds (inflorescences) and help flowers and ornamentals to stay decorative for a long time. 

We can produce any mixture of earth according to your composition. We use the highest quality biohumus, peat and organic compost. We can pack into your chosen containers or bags.